Invitation to Quote for Grass Cutting Contract 2022 / 2023

Invitation to Quote for Grass Cutting Contract

Contractors are invited to make contact with the Parish Council to submit a quotation for a one year grass cutting contract in the Parish of Hopton and Coton

Schedule of Works

Area One

Cutting of the grass area known as Hopton Village Green, Wilmore Hill Lane, Hopton ST18 0AZ.  This is a small triangle of grass opposite St. Peter’s Church.  This also includes strimming of all the edges, around street furniture, steps, benches, bedding areas, trees, etc.  These areas are easily accessible by both vehicles and pedestrians

Area Two

Cutting of the grass at Hopton and Coton Village Hall, Wilmore Hill Lane, Hopton ST18 0AW.  This includes the playing field, play area, verges at the entrance and leading to the Village Hall.  This includes strimming of all edges, goal posts, fencing, noticeboard, etc.  Vehicular access to the Village Hall is via the main entrance on Wilmore Hill Lane.  The entrance gate is padlocked when the Village Hall is not in use and contractors will be supplied with the access code once appointed

Both areas are open to the public and it is expected that an inspection would take place and any rubbish would be removed prior to work being carried out

Work Standard

  • It is expected that mowing will take place on average between 8 – 10 cuts between the months of April and October per annum. This must take into account excess growth or drought.  The grass must not exceed 100 millimeters in height and large amounts of grass lying on the surface after cutting will not be deemed acceptable
  • All due care must be taken whilst work is being carried out and any damage must be reported to the Clerk of Hopton and Coton Parish Council as soon as possible
  • In the interests of health and safety, all grass cutting and strimming’s must be reduced to mulch
  • The contractor is allowed to use weed killers but they must comply with health and safety legislation and regulations and take in to account environmental impact. If weed killers outside these parameters are required, these must be discussed with the Parish Clerk before they are used
  • If further works are required outside the scope, these must be proposed to the Parish Clerk and additional quotations provided which need to be approved before the work is carried out


  • It is advised that contractors read through the conditions of work before submitting their quotation. Any questions, need to be submitted to the Clerk by email on prior to quotes being submitted
  • Contractors are requested to provide one quote for all the work detailed for Areas One and Two. The Parish Council will not accept quotes for work in just one of the areas listed
  • The contractor will be expected to cut the grass at their discretion, however wet or warm conditions need to be taken into account
  • The required standard of cutting is expected and the grass needs to be cut often enough so as not to leave amounts of dead grass sitting on freshly cut grass
  • Quotations need to be submitted exclusive of VAT but please indicate on you quotation if you are VAT registered
  • The contractor must comply with Health and Safety Regulations and all other statutes and regulations in place to ensure safe work practices are met and that the public is kept safe
  • Before a contract can commence, the successful contractor must supply a copy of their current public liability insurance policy, a risk assessment and at least two references from clients where similar work is carried out. Upon renewal of insurances, contractor must supply the most up to date documents
  • The contractor must provide their own equipment and necessary personnel whilst performing the work and provide a method statement to cover all aspects of health and safety
  • The contractor must at all times maintain and enforce such policies of insurance with reputable insurers or underwriters and shall be fully insured against risk and are indemnified against damage, loss or injury which may occur to any property or person(s) by or arising in connection with the provision of service
  • The Council reserves the right to offer the contract to the most advantageous bid to suit the requirements requested and not necessarily the lowest quotation provided
  • The Council reserves the right to add or remove areas to be cut during the contract period and the contractor will be invited to provide an alternative quotation where applicable
  • The contactor will be expected to complete a service level agreement once commissions which outlines each parties responsibilities
  • The Council will not be liable for any damage or loss of equipment incurred by the contractor during the period however so caused

What is required in your quotation?

  • A quotation for all works identified in the Schedule of Works must be included
  • A clear price per cut must be stated exclusive of VAT
  • Any added value the contractor may wish to include whilst carrying out the work and will benefit the residents and Parish of Hopton and Coton
  • Copies of your public and employers liabilities insurances
  • Method statements and / or risk assessment


Your quotation needs to be submitted in writing via email to between 9am on Monday 4th April 2022 and 9am on Monday 18th April 2022.  Any quotations received after this time will not be considered


If you have any questions, please contact Hannah Marr, Parish Clerk, Hopton and Coton Parish Council, via email on or calling 07369 274400.  Please note that the Clerk works part time on a flexible basis and you will receive a response as soon as possible

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