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Date of Election : Thursday 20 June 2024





Name of Candidate


Number of Votes
ALI, Zak 58
WATKINS, Jon 134 (E)


The Number of ballot papers rejected was as follows:-

(A)       want of an official mark 0
(B)       voting for more candidates than voter was entitled to 1
(C)       writing or mark by which voter could be identified 0
(D)       being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty 0
(E)       rejected in part 0
                                                    TOTAL REJECTED 1





Deputy Returning Officer


The relationship between the Parish Council and Hopton Community Hub is under review – please see the statement located under the Documents heading and then parish information

The SERCO appeal

The SECO appeal for Stafford Court has now been heard and an adjudication made .


The appeal has resulted in the SERCO plan for Stafford Court being approved . The parish council will continue to monitor this situation .



Reporting Issues

If you require information on other services such as Council Tax, Benefits, Highways, Housing, Environmental Health, Planning, Bin Collections, etc. please contact Stafford Borough Council

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